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After studyng the live animal, a wax prototype that contains all its special features is obtained and after the finishing touches to the metal comes the enamelling process; this involves glazes of overlapping colours using a painting tecnique for which we prepare a flawless base without impurities on the silver surface; the result obtained derives from a long-standing experience and is only certain after baking at medium temperatures; at the end, each is treated to make it less subject to natural ternishing. Many of the ornament making tecniques acquired have greatly improved the quality and aesthetics of all our silver production which also includes bracelets, key rings, chains that are designed and created with the perfection that distinguishes us.

We are proud and jealous of our products and are sure that anyone holding one of our articles in his hands will recognise the intellectual, phisical and economic effort contained in each and every one of these small objects only the person who possesses the sensitivity to appreciate all this will be able to sell, buy, and collect or wear them whith the very same love and fanatic meticulousness that goes making them.



Saturno 182 AR - Miniatures in silver, Arezzo (Italy)
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