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For more than thirty years Saturno has been a leading company in the field of silverware, both in the Italian and the international market. Saturno is particularly well known for its figurines featuring unique designs, artisan finishing and production techniques, including investment and die casting.

Thanks to our model maker's expertise, our miniature figurines are the risult of an in-depth study of real animals, conveying a hig level of quality and art value. Saturno's silver wide production range also includes knick-knacks, bracelets, classic and customized key rings and chains, all of which are designed and prodeced with the utmoste care.







Saturno 182 AR - Miniatures in silver, Arezzo (Italy)
Via di Basserone, 43 - 52041 Badia al Pino, Civitella in Valdichiana - Tel. +39 0575 410111 - Fax +39 0575 498629