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Handicraft Manufacturing

Inspiration, handicraft, expertise.

Saturno precious miniatures spring up from three main ingredients: inspiration, handicraft and expertise.



The hands and look of our specialised modellers and designers have always been inspiration-driven. They are able to turn a shot or a picture into an extremely realistic drawing, from which they shape a wax model and hand-carve every detail. This is the first step of a handicraft process taking place entirely inside our firm, thus guaranteeing the added value of the real made in Italy to Saturno products.



A silver prototype is created from the wax model through the lost-wax casting technique. The next step is the actual production: the miniatures are melted, assembled, crafted and then cleaned, polished and quality-checked.



Now it is time for enamelling, which is totally handmade with painting technique: after the first layer of colour, the originally designed shades are defined through the application of several colours, five to fifteen, in order to convey the final effect of the item. The enamel undergoes drying and eventually the miniature is further refined, cleaned and polished.

Saturno182 AR ’s products are a guarantee of quality, care for details and lasting value.

The bond of trust between the firm and our customers is forever: in case a silver item might show some signs of the passing of time – because of an excessive exposure to heat, light or chemicals, Saturno provides a life-long service of maintenance, so as to bring the ornament back to its original beauty.