TROUT L.160mm H.150mm ST 824

TROUT L.160mm H.150mm ST 824

Peso 480.000 g
Lunghezza 85 mm
Altezza 152 mm
Larghezza 170 mm

Trout in silver and enamel

This creation in an exclusive “made in Italy” product made by Saturno Srl. It is completely handmade in sterling silver 925 and embellished by brush strokes of color skilfully streched out on a bright surface of brushed silver. They reproduce tones and colors that nature gives to the animal and they keep these miniatures unique on their kind. For this reason each product is exclusive and different from any other. Each ornament is sold with warranty certificate included and with its own packaging.

Additional information

Weight 480.000 g
Dimensions 170 × 85 × 152 mm